Store NameAddressPhoneCategoryhf:tax:store_category
Abundant Conveyancing ServicesLevel 1, 10 May Road(03) 9077 7788View Storelegal-services
Aby & Co294 Station Lalor0410 764816View Storehair-beauty
Adam ButcherShop 5, Peter Lalor Walk, LalorView Storefresh-food
Adtech Dental1 May Road, Lalor(03) 9465 9465View Storehealth
ADV Partners Chartered Accountants10 May Road(03) 9044-2340View Storefinancial-services
Afghan Kebab House334 Station Street(03) 9465 8482View Storecafes-restaurants
Afghan Supermarket322-324 Station Street(03) 9077 2460View Storespeciality-foods
All 4 Cuts32 May Road(03) 9465-3031View Storehair-beauty
Alliance Pharmacy288 Station Street(03) 9465-3955View Storehealth
Amazon Food Store77 May RoadView Storespeciality-foods
AtWork Australia286 Station Street, Lalor1300 080 856View Storedisability-services
Australia Post27 May Road(03) 9465-2191View Storepost-office
Bargain Busters300 Station Street(03) 9464-5555View Storehome-gifts
Billiards Club81B May Road(03) 9465-0643View Storeentertainment
Birch & Di Fabio27A, May Road, Level 2(03) 9465-0144View Storeaccountants
C & T Hot Bread Bakery360 Station Street(03) 9464-1199View Storefresh-food
Candee Sweets310B Station Street(03) 8528-0028View Storecafes-restaurants
Chu Quy Vietnamese Cuisine81A May Road(03) 9465-0643View Storecafes-restaurants
Clinic Labs292 Station Street(03) 99465-0010View Storehealth
Coles Supermarket47-71 May Road(03) 9465-5511View Storesupermarket
Collards Barristers & Solicitors312 Station Street(03) 9466-1544View Storebarristers-solicitors
Costanzo Lawyers356 Station Street, Lalor(03) 9464 2449View Storelegal-services
CTC – Tobacco, Gifts & Homeware364 Station Street(03) 9465-3340View Storehome-gifts
D & J Hair and Beauty Salon85 May Road(03) 9465-4845View Storehair-beauty
Dance Street310A Station Street0432 949 499View Storedance-studio
Dandy Mart17-19 May Road(03) 9464-1460View Storesupermarket
Direct Chemist Outlet340 Station Street(03) 9465-3749View Storehealth
Discount Drug Store306 Station Street(03) 9464-1095View Storehealth
Doctors of Lalor Plus1 May Road03 9465 2905View Storehealth
Dong Tien Market – Asian Groceries23 May Road(03) 9464-6833View Storespeciality-foods
Everfresh Fruits & Vegies (The fresh fruit world)346 Station Street(03) 9465-4366View Storefresh-food
Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse43-45 May Road(03) 9464-6693View Storecafes-restaurants
Fruits Of Lalor328 Station Street(03) 9465-3748View Storefresh-food
Global Coffee & Nuts/Zahra Imports336 Station StreetView Storespeciality-foods
Golden Dragon BBQ & Seafood House18 May Road(03) 9465-6918View Storecafes-restaurants
Good Value Gift Shop318 Station Street(03) 9465-7844View Storehome-gifts
GranMonte Supermarket296 Station Street(03) 9465-0293View Storesupermarket
I-Med Radiology Lalor284 Station Street(03) 9464-8700View Storehealth
Instant Conveyancing294A Station Street(03) 9939-6824View Storelegal-services
Jac’s Fish & Chips25 May Road(03) 9466-3132View Storefresh-food
JK Jewellery37-39 May Road(03) 9077-5076View Storejewellery-accessories
Jtech Electronics6 May Road, Lalor(03) 9043 0791View Storecomputers
Kim Oanh Asian Grocery73 May Road(03) 9465-5030View Storespeciality-foods
Kothar MarketShop 7, Lalor Mall(03) 8597-0807View Storespeciality-foods
Lalor Accountants30 May Road(03) 9464-0080View Storeaccountants
Lalor Bakery & Café3 May Road(03) 9465-7489View Storefresh-food
Lalor Daily Market83 May Road(03) 9466-1189View Storespeciality-foods
Lalor Dry Cleaners28 May Road(03) 9465-6058View Storepersonal-services
Lalor Epping Florist41 May Road(03) 9464-5590View Storeflorist
Lalor Hai Phu Seafood2 May Road(03) 9465-7109View Storespeciality-foods
Lalor Image & Hair Works75 May Road(03) 9465-2747View Storehair-beauty
Lalor Library2A May Road(03) 9465-2353View Storecommunity-services
Lalor Lucky Lotto332 Station Street(03) 9465-0770View Storebooks-cards-lotto
Lalor Meat Supply326 Station Street(03) 9465-2530View Storefresh-food
Lalor Number 1 Fruit MarketShop 1-2, Lalor Mall(03) 9464-0081View Storefresh-food
Lalor Party Supplies316 Station Street(03) 9465-2804View Storehome-gifts
Lalor Skin and Cancer Clinic290 Station Street, Lalor(03) 9465 6661View Storehealth
Lucky 8 Laundrette Lucky 8 Laundry Service79 May RoadView Storegeneral
Mama Alice Holdings P/L344 Station Street(03) 9464-6375View Storespeciality-foods
Mama’s Lunch RoomShop 4, Lalor MallView Storecafes-restaurants
Martino Tobacco Gift Shop12 May RoadView Storeaccessories
Matrix Medical Imaging366 Station Street03 8592 1977View Storehealth
Michael’s DeliShop 3, Lalor Mall(03) 9466-1731View Storespeciality-foods
Mihan Market BakeryShop 6, Lalor MallView Storespeciality-foods
Nacools Pizza15 May Road(03) 9464-6499View Storecafes-restaurants
One Way Bakery348 Station Street(03) 9465-2335View Storecafes-restaurants
Pastry Paradise342 Station Street(03) 9464-4688View Storecafes-restaurants
Patti Shoes Pty Ltd358 Station Street(03) 9465-6410View Storefashion
PC Australia26 May Road (Captial "C" required for Category)(03) 9464-6888View Storecomputers
Phens Gift Shop8 May RoadView Storehome-gifts
Phuoc Loi Grocery4 May Road, Lalor0434 440 178View Storespeciality-foods
Rooster Rock354 Station Street(03) 9464-5811View Storetakeaway
Ruby Nails & Waxing87 May Road(03) 8395-4776View Storehair-beauty
Salvos20-22 May Road(03) 9464-4872View Storefashion
Smoke n Toke308 Station Street, LalorView Storetobacco-liquor
Swagat Grocery Store16 May Road(03) 9464-7699View Storespeciality-foods
Tam-mi Hairdressing5 May Road(03) 9466-2144View Storehair-beauty
The Cake Box314 Station Street(03) 9465-3419View Storecafes-restaurants
The Warehouse Variety Superstore7-13 May Road(03) 9466-1855View Storehome-gifts
The Yak & Yetti370 Station Street, Lalor(03) 9193 3936View Storecafes-restaurants
Thien Lien Grocery29 May Road(03) 9464-7002View Storespeciality-foods
Toofun Café14 May Road, Lalor(03) 9191 4196View Storecafes-restaurants
Troy & Twinnie Beverage Bar33 May Rd (03) 9077-7756View Storecafes-restaurants
TSG24 May Road(03) 9464-1330View Storetobacco-liquor
Vic’s Station Halal Meat362 Station Street(03) 9464-5901View Storefresh-food
Vinh Long Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant21 May Road(03) 9464-4582View Storecafes-restaurants
World GoJu-Ryu Karate-do Academy12 May Road, Level 1(03) 9464-6202View Storepersonal-services
Your CompanionLevel 1, 33 May Road, Lalor0422 312 332View Storedisability-services