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The world's leading sports brand oakley sunglasses another big move, in the evening of 17 officially announced the signing of "Emperor badminton," Lin Dan, became the first Chinese brand ambassador. Super Dan has been in competitive sports and personal locator tireless remarkable breakthrough, making him the oakley sunglasses ireland choice for China spokesman. The event, oakley sunglass Paul Higgins, vice president of Asia Pacific (Paul Higgins) and lindane lindane work together unveiled a new endorsement form, determination of the expression coupled with dazzling oakleys sunglasses, presenting to the world a unique Super Dan, perfect Subversion and innovative interpretation of the brand Oakley.

The signing ceremony called a visual feast, sunglasses oakley the tunnel entrance is through the dazzling full sense of party space, central stunning fortress arena will be four high-beam cold toward the dome. The event set a different interactive experience area, guests can enjoy the unique design and sunglass oakley patented HDO (High Definition Optics, high-definition optical technology) brings extraordinary vision,buy oakley sunglasses but also in the imaging apparatus 360 ° surround stay Under his cool moments.

On the other side of the venue of the show is the recent release of oakley jawbone sunglasses, including the Tour de France special section, the 30th anniversary of the classic series and oriented sub-endorsement of lindane specially designed eyewear. Custom area adjacent is attracting people curious eyes, cheapest oakley sunglasses offers a variety of functional styles of colored lenses and frames,oakley baseball sunglasses the guests can create their own special sunglasses to suit your preferences and needs personalized.

"As we all know, oakley cycling sunglasses is a sports brand, offers the clearest vision and most reliable protection for world-class athletes; however, transcends the sports brand Oakley, oakley sunglasses australia always exploring the limits of possibility, creating things thought impossible , Oakley to seek to push the limits of passion into products, each with a design of ladies oakley sunglasses must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it can withstand the harshest of environments. In subversion of product design and concept, encouraging everyone to challenge the limits, break through the self. This is the core spirit of the brand oakley sunglasses repair. "Paul talking about in the face of hundreds of guests.

"I think the world needs to have a different view. Break through the old laws, to find a new path." Lin said, "I and oakley inmate sunglasses have the same aura as the two fighters are challengers of the world. "In talking about how he and oakley sunglasses nz lasting bonds, he said:" Many years ago, I won a race after the airport in the Philippines to buy a pair of oakley sunglasses india, then this brand is full of interest for me. Very fond of functionality and design discontinued oakley sunglasses products, but also enjoy oakley sunglass repair dare to break the routine, to become pioneers of the spiritual realm. "

Paul at the end of the event passionately said: "We already have a well-designed cutting-edge products, and now the subversion of all the super spokesperson lindane is time for every Chinese person from oakley sunglasses south africa feel the passion and creativity.." It is reported that, as the first Chinese brand ambassador Oakley, oakley motorcycle sunglasses will also launch its signature lindane limited edition eyewear, limited edition worldwide. In addition, Super Dan will be in April this year, was invited to the United States, and other members of the large family together oakley rx sunglasses visit the famous Oakley headquarters, "One idol (One Icon)".

Oakley jury sunglasses began to be known as the founder of scientific madman Jim Jannard (Jim Jannard) Questioning the old industry standards, these questions are eventually transformed into a leisurely subversive designs. oakley running sunglasses persist for decades continue to innovate for the optical industry professional sports fields and achieve the perfect integration of science and technology has brought a sense of both design and best qualities. When people are faced with serious challenges, can not tolerate the slightest compromise, oakley sunglasses usa is the best choice.

Month-KDX oakley antix sunglasses brand coming months came to an end next week, the world's leading sports brand where to buy oakley sunglasses (Oakley) invited singer and entertainer and fashion Vanness Wu went to the site, and the media, friends and a lucky consumers together to create mirror color fashion . oakley sunglasses warranty has been active in the high-end market, introduced a number of fashion eyewear. According to foreign media news, the company recently launched a new concept,oakley ladies sunglasses designed to help cyclists to improve performance and enhance their own understanding.

"Look what KDX" The collaboration best oakley sunglasses store in Shanghai Gubei, Horizon Group is the star hit by Parker as cultural spectacles Tide brand design consultant. "Look what KDX" on behalf of Classic Classic, Design and Culture design culture,oakley sunglasses price to meet the modern functionality of glasses, on the basis of the modified requirements, the pursuit of cultural resonance, outstanding individual needs. This is a unique style of used oakley sunglasses emphasized innovative design, adhere to self-brand culture complement each other,oakley polarised sunglasses also contributed to the considerable chemical effects of cooperation.

In KDX-store, from sports sunglasses to mirror frame glasses, oakley jupiter sunglasses full range of products full debut in early August and mid-September, the classic sports Crosslink family of optical frames and more as masters of the flagship products presented to oakley sunglasses With amazing feature Crosslink family of consumers in the choice of frame mirror,oakley sunglasses deals you can experience the temples or switch to a different color lenses with personalized depending on the environment and mood.

Today, Van Ness came KDX store,oakley asian fit sunglasses share and show his "mirror color vision." Have to show their all-round strength and personal charm on the screen Vanness Wu, long-lasting bonds with Oakley, he worked in 2011 in collaboration with oakley perscription sunglasses Frogskins LOVE series launch. O powder as a senior he was very happy to share with glasses experience: daily travel and leisure wear sunglasses Garage Rock or Frogskins series, cool and tide; movement when wearing Radarlock or Fast Jacket series, dazzle professional enough; and Crosslink is a wild sports glasses, a variety of different colors can be casual with the temple, for different occasions,oakley sunglasses prices especially the avant-garde enough enough.

Vanness Wu's visit and to thank the continued support and oakley batwolf sunglasses, Oakley, general manager of Mr. Huang Hongda will Crosslink gift Van Ness, oakley probation sunglasses and said, "Today we are prepared to Vanness Wu is the world's first functional optical frames Crosslink, can be replaced or feel different depending on the environment color temples, can be personalized, can the trend to be very formal, very mature, very consistent with his usual singer and entertainer and fashion's changing role. "Van Ness very like this Crosslink glasses and said," very proud to be involved The event Oakley, oakley sunglasses accessories products are still in the past few years continue to innovate and to overturn the traditional, more comfortable wearing experience, especially Crosslink series of glasses, whether for work or sport are fit, I hope more and more people come together wearing oakley wrap around sunglasses product and love it. "

According to reports, the new concept called oakley clip on sunglasses, is a built-in OLED display sports glasses. It uses contemporary stylish exterior design, oakley twenty sunglasses nose pads and frames using high-tech materials,old oakley sunglasses when the temperature rises athletes, glasses will become tighter, youth oakley sunglasses to prevent sweat to make glasses fall. Compared shape, built-in screen as the main feature, naturally, not less. It can display the current position of the athletes, and the opponents of the distance, oakley safety sunglasses the best score comparison and lap time and much more. Taking into account this information may make athletes distraction, they will only be displayed on the set a good checkpoint.

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